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7 Reasons I Pray that Disney’s Holes Makes A Revival

7 Reasons I Pray that Disney’s Holes Makes A Revival

I was thinking the other day, and I realized that I’d actually be thrilled if the 2003 film Holes based off of the book by Louis Sachar would make a comeback in one way or another. Now when I say comeback, I am open to the form this would take. A sequel? A remake? A documentary on the making of it? (okay, okay, we are getting carried away, I probably wouldn’t watch a documentary…but a sequel or a remake would be really nice.) With that being said, here are some reasons why Holes was the best thing to happen to the early 2000s.


1. Because it was the first real book that I ever read. So when it turned into a movie I was mind blown. More mind blown than I ever was with the Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, or any other book I read later on in life.




2. Because this animal still haunts me at night and I want to see it again along with maybe some of it’s cool, less scary, relatives.



3. Because despite it being a juvenile detention camp…they kind of made me want to go to Camp Green Lake. I mean talk about that brotherly bond!



4. Because Zero from Holes grew up nicely.





5. Because we haven’t seen anything from Shia in a while and that would be an interesting way to progress his career.





6.Also, Look at Baby Shia. Awww.





7.Because this song was the best thing of my (and your) childhood.



(All Images, Gifs, and Videos belong to Walt Disney Productions.)

So Shia, if you could please just sit the producer’s of Holes down an tell them to…

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