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Culture & Core Values


If we are to remain true to our motto: “Small enough to care.  Large enough to serve”, our business planning requires a holistic approach.

All parts of this execution from early planning, diagnosis, strategy, and implementation must work together to create the whole. What holds our team together is the complementary nature and balance of the individual skills that when put together for a common purpose yield extraordinary product and service.

It begins and ends with the climate and culture we have created within our company.


  1. Creating Zest & Zeal

We believe it’s important no matter what professional directive, to experience a spirited enjoyment and a diligent devotion toward life. The economic climate being what it is has forged an opportunity for growth within our organization. Now more than ever, the concept of family has been redefined, there too the concept of what it means to be inter-connected. We pay attention to the things that are critical to our happiness and it begins with surrounding ourselves with like minded people. The interconnectedness comes from a commitment to an enthusiasm and energy toward life in general. We encourage this in all of our people – to work smarter, to play harder. No one is allowed to sit this one out.

  1. Finding Balance

We believe in the “hugeness” of the concept – to support and supported by.

Our organization is compiled of several individuals and their skill sets.  Each individual alone has significance.  No one person is any more or less important than another. This idea transcends all actions facilitated by our people, ebbing and flowing in and around its structure, and radiating outwardly toward customer, supplier, and global connectors.

People who come to be a part of our Alward family become a support and are supported by others in the organization.

  1. Forward Momentum

We believe in asking the question, “why not”? when faced with difficult opportunity. “Why?” and “Can’t” are not part of our vocabulary.

Embracing the thought of seeking to continually improve to achieve a general excellence that permeates through the company is a large factor in our success.  While on that forward momentum, gaining mindfulness, building on a knowledge, developing the skill set to be able to find greater success, and exhibiting gratitude all  become large movements that differentiate mediocrity and excellence when it comes to strategically moving forward as a unit.

For Alward, forward never means straight. But upward does mean upward.

  1. Getting Gutsy

Reckless abandonment aside, we believe in being confident and courageous but humble.

It’s not enough to prepare or embrace for change. Change is coming no matter what and opportunities present themselves when we least expect.  We believe in steering change – in creating new paths in the wilderness – in being the catalyst for a new direction down the path less travelled.  But at the same time taking steps to show our humility. Amidst the bold and daring humility doesn’t make a company weaker. It makes our company more human.

Curiosity, innovation, and trying new ways to solve problems is a staple at Alward. So is asking for input, sharing content, talking to our people, and responding immediately to our customers.

  1. Seek Win-Win

We believe in synergistic partnerships.

Win-win takes more energy and time at the outset than win-lose or lose-win but its outcome is one of excellence. Everyone is happy!  Whether personal or business, no one person should win at the expense of the other losing. Honesty, integrity, honor, strong sense of character, and gratitude are the virtues that uphold the win-win mentality.

At Alward, we hold ourselves to this high standard and believe in careful and considerate orchestration, and leading in a way that bleeds synergy – doing what is best for all involved. Besides, shaking hands never did work well while clenching fists.

  1. Exhibit Calm & Quiet Confidence

We believe in executing with mental clarity and focus.

With composed confidence, our people are solution oriented not problem prone. All have a strong unique style and an underlying self buoyancy and poise that is scripted around character. Our people both in-house and on-site are intra-preneurs (inward working entrepreneurs) who innovate by nature – they are generative and proactive – natural born facilitators who have the autonomy to as you would expect, do what they were meant to – solve problems and create solutions.

Alward is not a “ready-fire and then think about aiming” company.  We are methodical and reflective in everything we do. Ready – Aim – Fire!

  1. Champion Less Being More

We believe effective and efficient daily operational success is vital to a well run company.

It’s not the scale of the company or the number of employees on the payroll that determines success.  For us, it’s about finding a few handfuls of essential people, building bridges across those teams, and increasing clarity and common purpose.  Compile a few like minded people together who produce more with fewer resources and it becomes electrifying how a sense of true ownership brings about it’s own reward. Simply being more productive on both an individual scale and a team scale is the reward in itself.  It requires the individual to be efficient – to be productive without wasting.  It requires the individual to be effective – reaching optimization and achieving the desired result using the least amount of effort or resources.

Alward has always been able to do more with less. We pride ourselves on championing the thought of being both effective and efficient. Few companies do both well.  It’s what makes us unique.

  1. Dedication & Lasting Excellence

We believe in mindfulness, building on a knowledge, and developing the skill set to be able to find great success as being the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

We create value and we expect results. We include our employees in improving decision making and offer clarity about ‘big picture’ priorities so that we all have the same unified sense of purpose.

Alward is not an average company who builds and maintains with mediocre leadership.  We don’t provide mediocre service to our customers.  And we certainly don’t have mediocre employees. The standard of excellence is our life-blood.





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