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Excavator Rental in Los Angeles, CA

The excavator is one of the largest digging machines on the construction site. It can have a digging depth from 24′ to 45′, depending on your application. If your job requires the excavation of deep and wide trenches, such as pipeline or subterranean dwellings, the excavator is the perfect choice. They have tracks, which can maneuver easily and drive over rough terrain. These machines also swing 360 degrees to allow for digging from all directions. Also, it is the perfect machine for the demolition of a building – the tracks make it easier to crumple and smash debris, and the bucket can allow for a thumb attachment, which assists in grabbing and loading waste onto dump trucks. Attachments can be added to further assist with demolition, such as a hammer/breaker, which can break through thick and old concrete containing rebar.


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