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Excavator Rental in Orange County, CA

LA Excavating has been serving the Orange County community for over fifteen years and we absolutely love working there.

As Orange County excavators, we hold our business to high standards and try our best to facilitate a work climate that exudes these eight core values:

  1. Creating Zest & Zeal
    • We want to contribute to a positive and spirited environment filled with energy, joy, and life.
  2. Finding Balance
    • We want each individual to feel valued in his or her own skill and feel like a necessary part of the team. Everyone has equal value.
  3. Forward Momentum
    • We always want to persevere through difficult obstacle and move forward in developing greater skill and knowledge in our industry.
  4. Getting Gutsy
    • We want to be confident in our work but humble in our hearts.
  5. Seek Win-Win
    • We seek out partnerships in our team and in our communities that will create synergy and ultimately a win-win scenario for all.
  6. Exhibit Calm & Quiet Confidence
    • We perform with mental clarity and focus.
  7. Champion Less Being More
    • We always want to work efficiently and effectively with our end goal in mind.
  8. Dedication & Lasting Excellence.
    • Most importantly, we want to seek excellence in everything that we do. We never settle for mediocrity.

Read more about these values here.

These values are something we try to uphold within our team, so that outside of our team, we perform exceptionally on the job.

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Check out our portfolio for a view of what some of our recent work looks like.

A few of the Orange County cities that we serve are:

We are certified under the Small Business Enterprise, Very Small Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and the Women Business Enterprise, as we are consistent participants in public works projects.

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As Orange County’s Excavator Rental, we are committed to providing the best quality of heavy equipment rentals to our customers in Orange County. To rent a machine or simply get a quote for a project, feel free to give us a call at (562) 618-5668. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.