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Operated Heavy Equipment Rental in Los Angeles, CA

Our operators are a talented crew!

We specialize in the working with the backhoe loader but many are also universal operators.  This means they can operate any piece of heavy equipment, including:


Backhoe Rentals


Excavator Rentals


Mini Excavator Rentals


Loader Rentals

All of our operators are Union members with IUOE Local 12 of Los Angeles.

We offer the following operator certifications:

Operated equipment rental is the right choice for your project when:

  • Your company does not own heavy equipment or employ equipment operators
  • Your ground crew is on site, with a foreman and labor workers assisting and directing the equipment operator
  • The estimator has calculated the cost of trenching and excavation for the project
  • The scope of the trenching and excavation is small relative the the cost of the whole project
  • Your project calls for time and material trenching and excavation work


We help you build from the UNDERground up

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