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Our Vision & Mission


To continue to be Southern California’s most efficient and effective excavating company working in a honorable and open-minded manner, maintaining standards that employ experienced, mindful, and safety conscious people while having the privilege of servicing the construction industry.


People are at the heart of everything we do and it’s no secret but rather evident in every orchestration we participate in that we take this seriously. We see ourselves as well functioning on three critical levels:
Within our INNER CIRCLE – impacting internally with our most valuable assets – our employees.
Within our PRIMARY OUTER CIRCLE – impacting externally toward the people we serve – our customers.
Within our SECONDARY OUTER CIRCLE – impacting evidenced by ongoing ways we contribute to our sub-trades and suppliers and the geographically local industry as a whole.


We value our people and their very important roles and therein we attempt to create a positive atmosphere which allows for personal fulfillment, a safe and challenging work environment, and a sense of community that we believe leads to a loyal, productive, dedicated and very close work team.


We value trust and the two-way enlightenment that flows through the relationships that we foster with our clients. Building and more importantly maintaining clear and communicative business relationships that stand well into the future is well evidenced in our daily rituals when servicing our clients. Therein, we strive to exceed our customer expectations in efforts to gain their loyalty and foster long term partnerships with them.


We value synergy with our sub-trades and suppliers and treat them with respect in order to cultivate a team approach where the committed passion is applied with richness of experience to yield a seamless initiative to fully serve the thriving California construction industry well.

People Are At The Heart of Everything We Do

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