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Why “The Pit” Was My Favorite Storyline of Parks and Recreation

Why “The Pit” Was My Favorite Storyline of Parks and Recreation

NBC’s Parks and Recreation ended this year, but it’s legacy will live on forever. Although the storyline of the pit only lasted for four seasons and was really only the center focus of the show for the first two, it remained my favorite part of the whole series. Every character on the show has had a significant interaction with the pit that has shaped their character in one massive way or another. Here are some of my favorites:

*Note: There are several instances on this list where the pit is already the lot in actuality, but I will still be referring to it as the pit.

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The Pit brought Leslie and Ann together.

In the very first episode, Ann Perkins attends a town meeting to complain about a huge, obnoxious, dirt pit that is right outside of her house. From there starts the main plot of the series and begins a beautiful perfect best-friendship between Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins.

Leslie Knope falls into The Pit on the first episode.

When inspecting the pit, Leslie takes a violent fall but isn’t even fazed by it. This is the perfect metaphor for who Leslie is. Whenever she falls in life, (and she falls pretty hard sometimes) she gets right back up and keeps pushing through. Her falling in the pit was the perfect foreshadowing of what the entire series would be like.

Andy fell in The Pit twice and also lived in there at one point. 

Andy perhaps has the strongest relationship with the pit. After falling in it more than once and breaking up with Ann Perkins, Andy lives in the pit in a tent, which he refers to as his office. 

Leslie & April fought over what to do with The Pit once it became The lot.

The first time April truly shows interest in…well, anything other than Andy…is when she wants to build a dog park. Leslie is initially extremely proud and impressed in how she’d developed over the years until she finds out that she wants to use the pit for her project which Leslie considers her baby.

During Lil Sebastian’s memorial in The Pit, Jerry is accidentally responsible for burning all of Ron Swanson’s eyebrows off.

Oh, Jerry.

Donna Meagle shows her ultimate sassiness in The Pit. 

Donna Meagle is known for being the office diva and man-eater. Her most famous man advice was given to Ann Perkins in the First-Aid Tent at the Harvest Festival (which was held in the pit) while Ann was trying to get over a breakup. “Use him, abuse him, lose him,” she said, was what was on the Meagle family crest.

Ron punches Jeremy Jam in The Pit.

Ron is the last person to admit that he is friends with anyone. But the iconic moment when he punches Jeremy Jam in the face for ruining Leslie’s wedding, you truly get to see how much he really cares. Later that night he walks Leslie down the aisle and I bawl every time.

The Pit is where Ben and Leslie decided to get married.

Leslie and Ben may, in fact, be my favorite TV couple of all time. They are perfect. From being forbidden to date, to dating long distance, to having triplets, they have truly proved that love conquers all.

Lil Sebastian’s memorial was held in The Pit, which is where Tom and Jean Ralphio first launched Entertainment 720.

Tom is truly our favorite entrepreneurial spirit and Entertainment 720 was his first real attempt at running a business. The following season we see him immediately run it to the ground. (But at least he learned from his mistakes) 

The Song “The Pit” by Mouse Rat is a beautiful, wonderful, mess.

I have no words. Just listen to this masterpiece.

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